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We are looking for home tutors:


Interested in Teaching Near U.
If parent like the demo session and vice versa, you can continue tuition and start earning. You will get paid for the time you spend teaching students. We will collect the initial month tuition fees in advance from parents and will give it to you after completion of the first-month tuition.

In one month expected teaching hours is 45+.

Already 10000+ Faculty registered, Don’t miss the opportunity if interested
You focus on teaching, We focus on finding students for you

Become a Gateup super Teacher pay only 1000Rs .

Kep Points for Gateup Super Teacher:

  1. Gateup Super Teacher will get a confirm  tution in next one month otherwise full  money will be refunded.
  2. Priority will be given to Super Teacher.
  3. If student doesnt like the teacher then teacher again have to enroll for a Gateup Super Teacher Plan.
  4. Only one tution will be given to the gateup Super Teacher.
  5.  Gateup Super Teacher has to disccused with the sudents regarding tution fees.

Pay here for become the Gateup Super Teacher and also fill the below form:

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please fill the below form, if you are interested.

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  1. Unknown

    I have qualify gate for 3 time with good rank . Now I need start tech my subject .I have great knowledge on my subject which I want to share with you.Thankyou

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