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Are ESE prelims tougher than ESE Mains

Are ESE prelims tougher than ESE Mains


Prelims and Mains of ESE test a different set of skills of aspirants and it all depends from person to person. Below is a brief comparison of both the stages of ESE
The number of aspirants is huge – around 2 lakh, thus the chance of selection is very low. The questions are MCQs with 4 options for each, which helps the student to recollect and recall what had been studied earlier Even if the student does not have complete knowledge of the concept being tested in questions, few questions can be solved using elimination technique or educated guesswork. This stage requires complete coverage of syllabus and tests time management skill as well. Here the syllabus is more because both General Studies and Technical have to be prepared no calculator is the available.No choice in question selection as compared to MainsFormulae, definitions, and concepts have to be focused on. Shortcuts and tricks are applicable in solving a few questions. Accuracy matters a lot.
Even though the number of aspirants is very less, but yet the competition is high because at this stage all the aspirants are dedicated and serious students. In-depth knowledge is required to answer writing skills and presentation skills matter a lot at this stage.QCAB format gives limited space but at the same time is easier to use.4 months’ time is available exclusively for this stage. Choice in question selection. So one has to judiciously pick what all to attempt to score maximum marks. Step marking is there so u have to write all the steps. Derivations and long numerical also have to be prepared


You have to plan your preparation according to the pattern of Prelims and Mains both so as to score maximum marks in the written stage. If you think that you can prepare on your own and the competitive environment of the class is too much for you, self-study can be the right path. If you think you need extra assistance and want a supervised study plan, joining coaching classes can help you a lot. In case you decide to enroll in a coaching institute make sure you research a bit before joining the right institute. Look at factors like past achievements, batch timings, course duration, is assistance available for gd/pi, faculty members, infrastructure and learning environment, general feedback and the fee structure. I spoke to a few alumni of my college who had earlier topped GATE and zeroed into Made Easy Institute after careful consideration of all the above-mentioned factors.

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