How do I prepare for the BARC exam?

How do I prepare for the BARC Electrical Engineering exam?

Covering the GATE syllabus for Electrical Engineering is more than enough to get you through the BARC written exam. Although BARC never specifically mentions the syllabus for their written exam, they majorly stress on the following subjects:
1.Electrical Machines
2. Circuit theory and Networks
3. Control systems
4. Analog Electronics
5. Power electronics
6. Digital Electronics
7. Field Theory
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Written Examination 
A written examination is a 2hr Examination with 100 questions, questions are of GATE level but since in less time you have to attempt more no. of questions speed is going to be an important factor.
Attempting the examination of BARC is very important when I attempted my written Examination I started from the first question and started solving easy Questions and Questions which are bit lengthy and require more time I marked them for review and completely skipped the Tough Questions. There are ample no. of questions and you can skip too many questions so it is better to attempt easy Questions first and don’t stuck and waste time in any particular question.
A virtual calculator will be provided in the Written examination same as GATE.
Solve GATE, ESE, ISRO previous years for the written Examination.
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