Happy Engineers Day

15 Sep 2018 0 By gate up

Happy Engineers Day

There was one story that our physics sir at school would love to narrate.
There was this waterfall in Mysore and everybody admired it. Poets wrote pages on the beauty of the Kaveri river. But there was one man who saw it and exclaimed “What a waste!!!”  That was Sir. M Visvesvaraya. He said that because he saw the potential hydro energy being wasted and untapped.
He went on to become the chief Engineer of the Krishna Raja Sagar(KRS) dam, Mysore built in  1924. This dam remains an engineering marvel and one of the popular tourist attractions till date. It was the first dam to be built with ‘surkhi’  a mixture of limestone and brick powder instead of cement. He built many dams later which are still functional.
He likewise regarded with the Bharat Ratna for his commitments. It happens to be his birthday today(the fifteenth of September) that we celebrate as “Architects Day” as a tribute to the designing wizard. 

“Keep in mind, your work might be just to clear a railroad crossing, however it is your obligation to keep it so spotless that no other intersection on the planet is as perfect as yours.” 

Give us a chance to trust he rouses part more designers to acheive more noteworthy statures and think of more reasonable and practical answers for the issues of this present reality. 

Presently we will examine the subject of discourse 😀 

what’s more, it is :- 

14 Grand Challenges designers should address 

The world is consistently getting to be congested as the populace gradually approaches 7 billion. This populace will devour more, contaminate more, and require comforts that accompany urbanization and the craving for clean water and clean air. Given these evolving elements, engineers are currently looked with an aggregate obligation to fulfill the lives of individuals around the globe while as yet saving the conveying limit of our biological systems. 

So the inquiry at that point progresses toward becoming, what ought to be done now and sooner rather than later to guarantee that the fundamental requirements for water, sanitation, nourishment, wellbeing, security, and important work are satisfied for all people? The National Academy of Engineering has called designers to activity by distinguishing the 14 “Thousand Challenges” that should be tackled to guarantee the planet’s survival. 

The difficulties are: 

giving access to clean water; 
avoiding atomic fear; 
designing better drugs; 
propelling wellbeing informatics; 
making sun powered vitality temperate; 
creating carbon sequestration techniques; 
anchoring the internet; 
figuring out the cerebrum; 
dealing with the nitrogen cycle; 
giving vitality from combination; 
reestablishing and enhancing urban foundation ; 
building the devices of logical revelation; 
upgrading virtual reality; and 
progressing customized learning. 

Things being what they are, which one will you handle? 

Offer with us and your companions! 

Till than continue grinning and Happy Engineers Day!!! to every one of the architects out there…