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                                      DAILY PRACTICE QUESTION

In this folder we will upload the electrical objective question ,you can answer in the below comment section.

Q1)  The equation sin( )z = 10 has
(A) no real or complex solution
(B) exactly two distinct complex solutions
(C) a unique solution
(D) an infinite number of complex solutions   

Q2) The torque angle and maximum power of a generator are 60 degree and 60 MW. The 

output power is 
1) 5.19 
2) 51 
3) 53 
4) 51.9

Q3) Thin laminations are used in a machine in order to reduce
Eddy current losses
Hysteresis losses
Both 1 and 2
Copper losses

Q4) In Ward-Leonard system, the lower limit of the speed imposed by
1) Field resistance.
2) Armature resistance.
3) Residual magnetism of the generator.
4)None of above

Q5) An ideal voltage source has 
1) terminal voltage in proportion to current 
2) open circuit voltage equal to the voltage on full load 
3) zero internal resistance
4) terminal voltage in proportion to load

Q6) Among 5 items, B weighs twice as much as A. D weighs half as much as C. A weighs 
three and half times as much as D. C weighs half as much as E. 
Which of the following represents the ascending order of weights of the items? 

Q7) There are two semiconductor diodes A and B. Their ratings are 5.6V and 2V,
respectively, then 
1) A is avalanche, B is zener 
2) Both of them are zener diodes
3) Both of them are avalanche diodes
4) A is zener, B is avalanche 

Q8)  Which of the transistor configuration is capable of providing both voltages and current 
1) Common emitter 
2) Common collector
3) Both common emitter and common base
4) Common base

Q9) The most accurate test for frequency response requires: 
1) a frequency generator 
2) a multimeter 
3) a spectrum analyzer
4) a filter

Q10) The voltage at farthest load point from supply at one end will be the least always for 

1) Ring system 
2) interconnected system 
3) Network system 
4) Radial system

Q11) Which instrument is not affected by stray magnetic fields? 

1) Hot wire type 
2) Moving coil type 
3) Moving iron attraction type 
4) Moving iron repulsion type

Q12) One of the reasons of using Bundle conductor is for
1) less corona effect 
2) both more inductance effect and less corona effect 
3) transposing the lines
4) more inductance effect

Q13) The maximum power is delivered from a source to its load when the load resistance is ______ the source resistance.
a) greater than
b) less than
c) equal to
d) less than or equal to

Q 14) If source impedance is complex, then maximum power transfer occurs when the load impedance is _______ the source impedance.
a) equal to
b) negative of
c) complex conjugate of
d) negative of complex conjugate of

Q15) If a circuit has complex impedance, the average power is ______
a) power stored in inductor only
b) power stored in capacitor only
c) power dissipated in resistor only
d) power stored in inductor and power dissipated in resistor

Q 16)  When capacitors are connected in parallel, the total capacitance is always __________ the individual capacitance values.

a) Greater than
b) Less than
c) Equal to
d) Cannot be determined

Q17) . Two capacitors having capacitance value 4F, three capacitors having capacitance value 2F and 5 capacitors having capacitance value 1F are connected in parallel, calculate the equivalent capacitance.

a) 20F
b) 19F
c) 18F
d) 17F