Can I crack the GATE exam in 6 months?

1 Sep 2018 0 By gate up

                 Can I crack the GATE exam in 6 months?

Keeping that there is approximately 6 months left for GATE 2019, will answer this


I followed these books judiciously:

Section 1- Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics – B S Grewal
Linear Algebra – Gilbert Strang
Probability, Random Variables and Random Signal Principles – Payton Peebles

Section 2- Networks

Engineering Circuit Analysis – W H Hayt & J E Kemmerly
Network Analysis – Van Valkenburg

Section 2@- Signals & Systems

Signals and Systems – Oppenheim Schafer

Section 3- Electronic Devices

Semiconductor Devices – Kanaan Kano

Section 4- Analog Circuits

Integrated Electronics – Millman & Halkias
Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory – Robert Boylestad & Louis Nashelsky

Section 5-Digital Circuits

Digital Principles and Design Paperback – Donald Givone

Microprocessor Architecture, Programming with the 8085 – Didn’t prepare for this!

Section 6- Control Systems

Control Systems Engineering – Nagrath & Gopal

Section 7- Communication Systems

Communication Systems – Simon Haykin

Section 8- Electromagnetics

Principles of Electromagnetics Paperback – Mathew N.O. Sadiku

Engineering Electromagnetics – W H Hayt & J A Buck

I prepared for all these subjects using these books. Didn’t make any notes, just read the concepts and tried to solve some problems in the exercises. Then I got to know that I am not strong in Electromagnetics, Analog Circuits, Electronic Devices and parts of Networks.


Check your syllabus. As I said before, begin with a subject you like most. At that point end with honing earlier year inquiries to that theme/subject and deride test

Dedicate 30-1 hour day by day for unraveling questions. In the end of the week you can save additional time according to your capacity of getting a handle on.

Attempt to finish your syllabus 2 months before the exam. In 2 months you can update utilizing your manually written notes arranged while examining. Save 2 months to fathom questions and inquiries

Try not to leave General Aptitude. It is most scoring piece of GATE. Take some great book and reexamine your ideas. General Aptitude of GATE is essential yet without reconsidering it ends up hard to comprehend.

There are such a large number of GATE Coaching in India.But among, just marvelous confidence in giving Good training to the students.Students truly get confounded which one to Select.While there is such a large number of GATE Coaching in India you may few the one in view of area, expenses.

3) ABSOLUTELY. And when I say crack, I mean crack it big. There are scores of people who have started their preparation 3 months before the exam and still come out with flying colours. So, it’s definitely possible to crack GATE in 6 months (especially if you have developed sound fundamentals during your engineering course). You must find out the right study material and your focus must be unwavering to achieve this goal of yours. Also join a good test series about a couple of months before the actual exam and analyze your performance after answering each mock test. Identify your weak areas, work on them and bit by bit push yourself to GATE level. Aim to better yourself everyday. Remain relaxed and enjoy the process of preparation.

Wishing you all success
4) Yes it is possible to crack gate exam in six months with good rank. May be you are away from studies for some time but surely you are having badic concepts and theories . But Now you should start from as a fresh candidates. But still you can do better in your target with strong determination and sincere efforts in dix months .That’s a good thing that you wanted to prepare for GATE exam.If you are targeting to appear in Gate 2019 and you wanted to start preparation from today , then at least you have to study much more than others . Your previous knowledge may help you to do it fast. First of all Mathematics and aptitude section is a easy and scoring section and deciding factor.. One can get very close to full marks if he can practised well. Now about your technical subjects you can start with easier one and moderate and then tough one if you have left time. So go slowly and win the race.Preparation should include clearing concepts, solving previous year questions honestly and solving test series questions regularly.
You should join any good coaching or test series like made easy from which maximum results occurred.
Conclusion : Don’t worry to see syllabus and competition , believe in yourself and should have some faith in god and yourself also…

All the best for GATE 2019.